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Discover your perfect program in our courses.

Welcome Prophetic Family to a new journey of his presence. You have entered into a new portal of Supernatural wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Let's be ready to go full-throttle with God leading us all the way. If you are ready to Unleash the full potential of the prophetic in your life, which you have always felt was there, then sign up today for our consultation and join a community of prophets who have the ability to shake the very foundations of the earth! Join us Today!

Why Study With The Prophetic Institute

Discover Your Perfect Program In Our Courses.

Video Training

As Prophets many of us learn from "Seeing" and "Hearing" so we have integrated many of the training with video follow alongs

Flexible Learning

Learn at your own pace! Take your time and Grow in the Prophetic! This way you can still find balance while sharpening your sword!

Learn With Experts

Being a part of a "School of Prophets" gives you the ability to surround yourselves with those who have matured in the gift!