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One of my Top 5 Favorite Christian Authors

John Eckhardt

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love books by John Eckhardt. The amount of annointing that can be felt from his teachings are not able to be measured. I am a teacher that admires others gifting in the spirit and when I come across an author that has that "IT" factor I always try to share with my team.

Prayers that Rout Demons is a must have in your home collection. His book is like a case of ammo that you can open anytime you are facing warfare of attacks from the enemy. You can pull out a scripture and go to war for your family, church, city and country while using the Word of God. Below is a statement that I have heard a fellow prophet say and its profound.

You don't have to know everything about God or about how this thing called "Christianity" works. You just have to be a open vessel to the Most High God, and allow room for him to expand your growth!

Michael Fleming
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